Busking in San Fransisco Fishermen’s Wharf since 1999

Street performing requires a wide range of impressive skills. Over the years, through all kinds of weather, I performed in the foggy streets, met some very interesting audiences, and enjoyed the opportunity to make people laugh, amazed and in awe.

This is my story.


street performance



street performance


Five amazing skills

SREET ARTS are as Ancient as entertaining people around the camp fire, in the caves of our ancestors, and were later demanded by Kings and Emperors

Street performance portrayed on streets of Bombay, Peking, London, made modern and presented by Hernan, including skills like:

Sword Swallowing

Sword swallowing is a skill that is as old as entertaining people around the camp fire. Our ancestors would have been able to Sword swallow if they had access to swords. This skill was later demanded by Kings and Emperors.

Hernan, a modern Sword swallower, has taken this ancient art form and presented it in a new light.

Escape Artist

Escape artists are performers who test their skills by trying to free themselves from restraints or escape from confinement in a structure, container, or enclosure. The art form has its roots in the medieval era when prisoners would use their skills to try and escape from jail.

While most people think of escape artists as magicians but they are actually doing way more than magic.

Street Magician

Street Magician: Hernan is a master of sleight of hand and Street Magic. He can perform amazing feats of magic right in front of your eyes. Hernan knows how to put on a good show. His Street performances are always entertaining, and he always leaves his audiences wanting more.

Fire Eating

Fire eaters entertain people by performing tricks with fire, such as extinguishing it with their mouths or blowing it into the air.

Hernan, a modern day fire eater, has taken this ancient art form and brought it to the streets of San Francisco. He uses his skills to entertain passersby and make a living.

Fire eaters put on a show by extinguishing fire with their mouths or blowing it into the air.


Clowning around is one of the oldest forms of street performance, dating back to ancient times. Clowns have always been a popular form of entertainment, and their skills are in high demand today. Hernan is a modern-day clown who uses his skills to entertain people on the streets of Bombay, Peking, and London. He has mastered the art of clowning and is able to perform a variety of skills, including juggling, stilt-walking, and unicycling. If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining way to liven up your next event, consider hiring Hernan the Clown!

about hernan

Hernan Cortez was born to a faith healer / preacher / musician who traveled in a bus to save souls from California to Mexico.  As a baby he remembers the music his family played and the sermons his father told. 

It seemed natural that he would become a street performer. Since 1995 Hernan has entertained thousands in the streets of San Fransisco. His variety show at the Fisherman’s Wharf was a local staple for many years. 

His favorite street performance was using fire breathing, fire eating, to astound the audience. 

“I started as a puppeteer, with old school hip hop puppets. Graduated to escaping from 100 feet of solid metal chains and a strait-jacket. And all the time honing his magic skills, while surrounded by hundreds of people. The last skill I mastered was sword swallowing, with a steel blade that reached one inch from my heart and lungs.” 

Hernan in action

So many great memories from Street Shows by Hernan


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